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ACECon – Environmental & Efficiency Consulting in Graz, Austria:

Environmental protection & resource management

Your experienced partner to increase the efficiency of your resource and energy use!

Support of implementation and optimisation of management systems

Since 1996 I have been supporting companies in the implementation and optimisation of management systems for Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001, EMAS), Energy (ISO 50001) and Occupational health and safety (ISO 45001).

My services

  • plan: Initial assessment of the company and the existing management systems; support in evaluation of context and wording of policy and goals.
  • do: Providing of checklists, tools and templates for system documentation, and coaching off the staff on system implementation.
  • check: Definition of initial corrective measures, monitoring of internal audits and training of auditors.
  • act: Monitoring of implementation of the management review and training of employees on the implemented management system. Optionally support of external audit.

Process analysis and optimisation with focus on increase of resource and energy efficiency

As a process engineer, I evaluate your production and service processes. My objective is to determine improvement and saving potentials together with you and your team, and to train your staff to do this independently in the future. Therefore, I support your business in managing resources and energy more efficient.

My services

  • Implementation of energy audits
  • Realisation of Trainings and consultation on preventive environmental protection (e.g. according to ECOPROFIT®  approach)
  • Potential analysis on resource and energy consumption along with implementation support

1. company tour and rough assessment of:

- efficiency of energy use

- efficiency of the use of raw and auxiliary materials and consumables

- waste generation and separation

2. definition of low-cost options and measures to optimize energy consumption and use of raw materials

3. evaluation of data, drafting of a report including suggestions for further consideration and optimisation potential

4. carry out a detailed elaboration of selected options and measures for sustainable optimisation of energy and resource 5. consumption including economic evaluation

5. support of implementation of measures to optimise operations