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  • Our company is one of the first in our sector to voluntarily offset its emissions under the Kyoto Protocol!
  • Our CO2 footprint is approximately 7 tons of CO2-equivalent pollutants per year.

We are a climate neutral company

Climate change has been the greatest challenge for mankind since the end of the Ice Age. There is now a global consensus that we urgently need to limit this man-made climate change. The success of an emission reduction essentially depends on the voluntary and consistent action of the economy in the industrialized countries. So we too are ready to take responsibility for the world that we leave to our children and grandchildren.

For this reason, we had the greenhouse gas emissions of our company and our services recorded and offset them by purchasing a total of 24 climate protection certificates by 2021. With these certificates we support a wind power project in India.


UNFCCC: Wind power project at Jaibhim by SIIL

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